Falkenbergs konstskola - distansutbildning

About us

Falkenberg Art School – distance learning is the only college preparatory art school in Sweden that conducts all of its activities remotely. With an experienced teaching staff consisting of professional artists with a wide range of skills, supplementary guest teachers, and an online educational platform developed by the school itself specifically for art education, Falkenberg Art School provides the perfect education for anyone interested in honing their artistic skills, as well as for those with ambitions of pursuing a career in the field of visual arts.     
The school offers two educational programs. KGI is a foundation year that focuses on basic artistic skills. Over a period of 40 weeks, you will work with diverse themes using a wide variety of materials and techniques: from drawing, composition, and color theory to sculpture and video. In the advanced program, KGII, the focus will be more on developing your own personal expression, and on more extensive projects and advanced themes that also include art theory and college preparatory teaching. The programs are full-time, and students are eligible for financial support from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN).    
The teaching takes place within the framework of theme blocks led by one or several teachers. Individual work will alternate with both ongoing dialogues with teachers as well as discussions among students that will most often take place in open, common forums, allowing everyone to learn from each other’s processes. Instruction takes place primarily in text form, both on an individual and group basis. 
Although each individual teacher has their own personal approach to teaching, the basic work method is very similar. You log in every morning, receive compulsory assignments and the uploaded course material, and get started with the day’s work. Whether in a tutorial session with teachers, or simply in need of feedback from classmates, you just upload images of your works to your gallery in the platform and participate in discussions in various channels in a manner very similar to generic social media websites.    
As a student at the school, you will execute your practical, physical, and artistic work in your own studio or workspace normally set up at home. But regardless of where you might find yourself in the world, you can easily take part in your courses as long as you have access to the Internet.  
The various themes are often arranged in the form of workshops that end with a common presentation. The manner in which the works are presented depends both on the theme itself and the method preferred by the teacher. 
Finding one’s own personal expression and path to creativity is a process that demands time, dedication and presence. Falkenberg Art School – distance learning offers you the opportunity to truly engage in and develop your artistic skills wherever you happen to be, together with others who share your passion for artistic creativity.